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About us.

Get your hands on top-of-the-line cannabis technology at a fraction of the cost with CannaBalloons™ Party Rentals! 

After you experience our state-of-the-art vapor cloud balloon maker compatible for use with cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabis, you'll see why more and more cannaseurs are choosing to share cannabis & CBD with CannaBalloons.


Our clean, medical-grade vapor balloon technology produces thick & delicious vapor clouds, preserving the flavor of your botanicals far better than smoke-based delivery systems of the past.  


CannaBalloons™ personal party balloons allow your guests to experience cannabis in its purest form, completely free from the stale taste of smoke. Party balloons are sold separately at our rental locations and are designed exclusively for use with CannaBalloons™ party rentals.

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In full legal compliance with cannabis-related legislation and regulations, CannaBalloons Party Rentals and balloon sales are restricted to adults ages 21+ and ID checks are required wherever our 420-friendly party supplies are in useCannaBalloons Party Rentals is committed to cannabis education, safety and providing a responsible experience. We are proud to partner with Uber to guarantee no-questions asked safe rides home upon request to attendees at 100% of our events.

Want to host a cannabis sharing party but not sure how to source cannabis legally for your event? Call us today for a FREE consultation. Our canna-pros are standing by to answer any and all of your questions about legal cannabis purchasing options for every budget. 


Our party balloons are filled using vapor made by the iconic Volcano Vaporizer

 manufactured by 

Storz & Bickel.


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What Our Clients Have to Say

Everything I expected, and more

“The CannaBalloons are really easy to inhale from, really easy to use. No coughing at all. Perfect for the uninitiated."

Phil Smith

Owner, Brick Anchor Brew House

Norfolk, VA

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